Sausage Ball recipe

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One of my mother-in-law Bette’s signature recipes is for sausage balls. When we have family gatherings, there is no use in Bette placing the sausage balls into a serving dish because they all disappear hot off the pan. They are perfect as a party appetizer or for breakfast.

The Secret to Perfect Sausage Balls

Sean, Jackson, and Lucy will perk up and get very excited if they know that sausage balls are being served. I often wondered what made Bette’s sausage ball recipe so delicious. Years ago, I asked her for a copy. I was fascinated to learn that the secret to perfect sausage balls is using HOT sausage rather than mild. Now, for those of you who don’t like hot stuff, do not worry; you can’t taste the spices. What you can taste is an enlivened sausage ball that will make you perk up when you hear the words!

A while back, I was at work, and there was a birthday party going on. My friend, Jan, made sausage balls, and everyone was swooning over them. I asked Jan what she did to make people so crazy over her sausage balls. She said that she also used hot sausage. We had a good laugh as I shared that this was the secret to my recipe as well. The hot sausage makes all the difference! I am excited to share the recipe with you today!

When I make sausage balls, I have two tips. The first is always to use Bisquick. I usually don’t mind store-brand food items, but not for this sausage ball recipe. Secondly, is to use a Silpat when baking. I consider the Silpat one of my kitchen essentials. For years, I had difficulty with my sausage balls sticking to parchment paper or the pan. The use of a Silpat was a game-changer. I highly recommend it for baking items, including cakes, macarons, and cookies!

The Best Sausage Ball Recipe

sausage ball recipe ingredients

1 pound of HOT ground sausage

2.5-3 cups of Bisquick mix

1 pound (4 cups) of shredded cheddar cheese- mild or sharp

Preheat your oven to 350 degrees. Place a Silpat or parchment paper on a cookie sheet.

Silpat for sausage ball recipe

Place your sausage in a large mixing bowl. Give it a few slices with a fork or knife to make mixing easier.

Sausage for sausage ball recipe

Add in the shredded cheddar cheese.

Mix in the Bisquick.

Bisquick for sausage ball recipe

With your hands, mix all of the ingredients. Be sure to blend the sausage into the cheese and Bisquick well. If you do not want to use your hands, I recommend using a pastry cutter to mix the ingredients thoroughly.

Roll the mixture into one-inch balls. I always pull from the bottom of the bowl so that you are not left with a bunch of small pieces of sausage and cheese by the end. By pulling from the bottom, you keep a good mix of ingredients.

Place the balls on the Silpat or parchment paper.

Rolled Balls for sausage ball recipe

Bake the sausage balls for 20-25 minutes. I look for the sausage balls to begin browning slightly on top.

Take the sausage balls out of the oven and eat them while hot. Be prepared for the sausage balls to disappear very quickly! This recipe makes about 30 hardy-sized balls or 40 smaller ones. Enjoy!

Sausage Ball Recipe

One of my favorite parts of making this sausage ball recipe on the Silpat is how the balls caramelize on the bottom for a nice crunch.

caramelization for sausage ball recipe

Do you have a secret ingredient in a recipe that makes all the difference? We would love to hear from you. Please drop us a line in the comment section below!

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