A Little Bit About Our Family…

WELCOME to our travel and lifestyle blog, Loving Living Green! My name is Brandi Green, and along with my husband, Sean, and children, Jackson and Lucy, we would like to thank you for joining us on our journey to living our best life… on a budget. Sean, Jackson, Lucy, and I will be sharing our tips on traveling, cooking, and living life well!

Sean and I are both in our 19th year in education. He works with special education teachers and students in the middle school setting. I am a special education administrator. Having the same education profession has afforded Sean and me the same work schedule to travel and learn many tips and tricks of traveling. However, with both of us being educators, we do not have a pot of gold that we dip into when new adventures arise, so we travel on a budget.

Our blog is named Loving Living Green because we love and enjoy each other, but there are other meanings. We are green because we try to find great deals and save as much money as we can for planning and experiencing new adventures. We are also green as we try to do as much as possible not to leave a harsh environmental footprint. Lastly, we are green because sometimes opportunities, as with travel, come along, and we take them without knowing how they will exactly turn out… I guess you can say that we are always up for an adventure. All these areas make us uniquely Green

Sean and I both graduated from Mercer University with our Ph.D.’s in Education. It is our background in education that has shaped our views on traveling and raising our two children. Working in education, it did not take Sean or me long to understand how exposure to new experiences drastically influences how children and adults learn. As parents, we want to make sure that Jackson and Lucy have opportunities to see the world. For many kids, the higher the socio-economic status they are, the more exposure they will have… BUT IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE THIS WAY for those who may not have as many resources. We have made it a point and will continue to make a point to share trips and experiences that can shape both children and adults alike and are hopefully light on the wallet.

More About Sean and Brandi

Sean Green

Sean currently works with special education students and teachers in the middle school setting. Before his career in education, Sean worked as a golf professional for 18 years. In college, Sean studied history and education, and he loves to incorporate history into the family’s travels. When not at school or traveling, you can find Sean enjoying a good book, listening to good music, and, most of all, spending time with the family.  

Brandi Green

I am a special education administrator. Funny enough, both Sean and I have held the same position working with special education teachers and students, and then I went rogue to the world of virtual special education for a few years. I currently work with our local special needs preschool program. I was a partner in an antique store during my college years. When I am not at school or traveling with family, you will most likely find me learning at cooking classes, experimenting with recipes at home, and planning new adventures!

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